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Self-contained, powerful spray-extraction machine for medium-sized and large textile areas and demanding professional use. With an infinitely variable high-pressure pump.

The spray-extraction machine is used for fibre-deep hygienic intermediate and basic cleaning according to the spray-extraction method. During this process cleaning solution or water is sprayed deep into the carpet pile under pressure and sucked off again in the same work cycle.

Thanks to the 4 or 5 spray nozzles, the fully adjustable spray pressure, the vacuum nozzle width of up to 375 mm and the above-average suction power, you can clean up to 80 m2 carpet per hour.

Its narrow design makes the Extravac 400 extremely manoeuvrable, enabling it to navigate any tight spots and making it very ergonomic to transport. All the cleaning materials can be placed on the machine thus allowing you to get to the area to be cleaned with relative ease.

Extravac 400