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Sturdy, compact, reliable – the new Duomatic Esprit scrubber-drier is the all-purpose machine for day-to-day use. When it comes to power, there is no compromise. Operating this machine is simple, using only four buttons. And the operation panel is clearly laid out. With its 55-litre water tank, the machine can handle larger surfaces, too.

Excellent results made easy

Duomatic Esprit rigorously removes sticky dirt and immediately dries the cleaned surface. The patented Wetrok Power Whirl suction nozzle technology dries floors rapidly. A 55-litre water tank with integrated water pump keeps the water quantity constant at its pre-set level. The powerful Self Drive helps you manoeuvre easily and precisely.

Touch‘n‘Clean handle for automatic machine stop and go
You can adjust the drawbar height for an ergonomic and fatigue-proof work position while the machine is running. This results in a highly manoeuvrable machine for even speedier working. And with the Touch‘n‘Clean handle, you can start and stop the machine in no time.


Consisting of:

  • Integrated charging unit
  • Quick refill system
  • Brush housing, complete
  • Splash guard
  • Suction nozzle, complete
  • Set of suction lips
  • Dosing system, complete (for item no. 50212)

Duomatic Esprit