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Innovative, modern kitchen sensor bins without the need to change batteries.

Space saving slim rectangular design
Automatic hands free soft open and close
Dynamic blue light display for simple interface
Full manual mode
Rechargeable by USB cable ( except 9260 )
Plastic bag fixer, holds any size bag securely


Size : 

10L+10L: 38.4x25.9x42.7cm(double liners)

15L+15L: 38.4x25.9x61.5cm(double liners)

30L: 38.4x25.9x61.5cm

20L+20L: 46.9x27.9x64.8cm(double liners)

45L: 38.4x25.9x61.5cm(w/o liner)

47L: 46.9x27.9x64.8cm

68L: 46.9x27.9x64.8cm(w/o liner)

80L: 46.9x27.9x72.2cm(w/o liner)

"EKO" Mirage X Sensor Bin