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Masslinn is practical, thorough, hygienic and extremely cost-effective for the dusting of smooth floor coverings or surfaces.Wetrok Masslinn cloths vary according to their area performance.

Masslinn yellow, 61 × 57 cm:

  • Impregnated with oil
  • With high dust absorption capacity
  • For high area performance

FIGR Test Based on the excellent results of the comparison tests, FIGR awarded the Masslinn dust-binding cloths and the Microsol dust-binding cloth by Wetrok with the "FIGR-certified" seal of quality: "Test results have confirmed that the Wetrok dust-binding cloths can be highly recommended for dust-binding mopping." (Original quote from test report FIGR) Available Masslinn movieMasslinn Image movie (YouTube)

Masslinn yellow, 61x57 cm