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The new Monovac generation brings a breath of high-tech fresh air to the world of dry vacuum cleaners. Combining maximum vacuuming performance with a very low noise level and Class M dust filtering, Monovac Comfort sets new standards in professional cleaning.

Large-surface pre-filter

The 3‘200 cm2 pre-filter (Class M) retains the dust and allows the air through unhindered. This protects the motor from dust, which guarantees a longer service life. The exhaust air is channelled upwards into the room and does not stir up dust on the floor.

DAP "Defined Air Pressure"

The «Defined Air Pressure» technology (DAP), based on physical studies, controls air flow and air pressure, ensuring the highest level of vacuuming performance and the best possible noise dampening. This is facilitated by the flow-optimised hose and the 35 mm tube diameter.

optional HEPA filters

If the vacuum is equipped with the HEPA 13 filter, dust and bacteria can be even more finely filtered and foreign objects removed. Thus, the Monovac can also easily be used in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Silent mode

The Monovac dry vacuum cleaners have superb sound insulation. With the new power level, Eco Silent, the noise level can be reduced to a minimum. This ensures that the Monovac will not become a disturbance even in noise sensitive areas.

available Versions:

  • 40710 Monovac Comfort 6 Switzerland
  • 40711 Monovac Comfort 6 International
  • 40712 Monovac Comfort 6 Turkey
  • 40713 Monovac Comfort 6 United Kingdom

Included in the delivery 

  • Basic Combination nozzle        
  • Nozzle with rolls 30        
  • Suction tube telescope M/D        
  • Hose M/D compl.       
  • Pre-filter Monovac/Durovac       
  • Waste air filter Monovac        
  • Micro-fleece bag Monovac/Durovac       
  • Crevice nozzle M/D       
  • Upholstery nozzle M/D        
  • Connection for electric suction nozzle        
  • LED fill level indicator        
  • 2. Power level: ECO mode


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Monovac Comfort 6