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The Twinvac is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner of the newest generation and it more than fulfils these requirements.

Special feature
The Twinvac has a powerful but noiseless motor, robustness, a winning design, useful filtering and is easy to use.

The rounded chassis of the Twinvac forms a smooth outer line. There are no protruding parts or edges that could damage furniture, walls or other furnishings. The Twinvac's enormously robust and stable design is up to the toughest jobs. All parts are resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

The Twinvac can be transformed from a classic wet vacuum cleaner into a proper dry vacuum cleaner at the flick of the wrist. With the accessories, it can solve almost any problem.

You may continue to use all existing Wetrok accessories: hoses, pipes, nozzles, filters and paper bags.

Close system, easy to service with stable materials, multi-levelled filter system, and various filter options. Used air is filtered.

Included in delivery

  • Water shut-off device

Twinvac 25